Adult Education

Adult Religious Explorations


Come join the group in the RE room Sunday mornings at 9:15 – 9:30 for coffee and visiting, with the study proper to begin at 9:30. We finish at 10:15 to allow time for a break before our Sunday service begins at 10:30.

Our current study is a filmed series of lectures on death and dying, presented by Professor Mark Berkson of Hamline University. Death, as a subject for examination, is often shunned and considered “negative” or “depressing.” This is a shame because we rarely get to share our ideas about death and examine other points of view. Dr. Berkson’s lectures are certainly not depressing and are always interesting and informative. In the series, death is approached from the perspectives of law, science philosophy, psychology, culture, and religion. You will probably be introduced to some ways of looking at death that you have never thought of!

logoOnline Leadership Courses for UUNB Members and Friends

UU Leadership Institute is offering 11 online courses, with each class comprised of eight modules released two weeks apart from early September through December.  The classes are taken individually online with group “community of practice” sessions to be scheduled at UUNB toward the end of the semester. 

The UUNB Leadership Development Committee has selected three of the courses
to recommend to our members and friends:

Please visit for the course descriptions and to become familiar with how the courses operate.  There is a fee of $30/course with financial assistance available. 

Questions? Email and place ‘attn: Mary H’ in the Subject line.

Other Opportunities

Special classes and events are offered from time to time, such as Hot Worship, shown at right.