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Adult Religious Explorations’ new series is entitled "Cultural Literacy for Religion: Everything the Well-Educated Person Should Know” with Professor Mark Berkson, Ph.D., of Hamline University.

When does the Jewish Sabbath begin? Who are Vishnu and Shiva? What are Buddhism's Four Noble Truths? What are the Five Pillars of Islam? These questions are more than an academic exercise. Religious belief has been innate to humans everywhere and in every age, from the time of the Neanderthals to the 21st century. It's also one of the strongest motivators of human behavior and has a profound impact on all aspects of our culture—our spiritual beliefs, our rituals, our politics, and the very foundations of our democracy.

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UU Leadership Institute is offering 11 online courses, with each class comprised of eight modules released two weeks apart from early September through December.  The classes are taken individually online with group “community of practice” sessions to be scheduled at UUNB toward the end of the semester. 

The UUNB Leadership Development Committee has selected three of the courses
to recommend to our members and friends:

Please visit for the course descriptions and to become familiar with how the courses operate.  There is a fee of $30/course with financial assistance available. 

Questions? Email and place ‘attn: Mary H’ in the Subject line.


Gain an appreciation for the historical evolution of Unitarian Universalism in terms of issues, disputes and concepts that have shaped our liberal religious tradition over the past four centuries. Participants can expect to develop a sense of pride in UU History; discover how one’s own faith journey differs or aligns with the UU experience; deepen relationships with other participants; practice our 4th principle: a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

The sessions are two hours each, scheduled from 12:00-2:00 on Sundays beginning February 17. Handouts will be provided one week before each session. There is NO FEE but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE FIRST SESSION BY FEBRUARY 10. If you miss the beginning of this series, please get on our waiting list for a future series. Child care available upon request with one week’s notice. Registration or more information available by emailing and typing “UU Story” in the subject line.

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