Sunday Services


All Sunday services begin at 10:30 AM. 
Coffee Hour follows the service. 

June 9: "Make More Art"— Meg and Todd Hoke


Sharing one's creative work is akin to leaping off the high dive. Naked. In public. So why pursue a creative life? Why take the risk of making art? Because it can save your soul and heal the world in the process. So, take the risk of inviting the butterflies into your stomach. North Carolina creatives and social workers/nurses Meg and Todd Hoke show you how with this morning of original music, wisdom and readings. Welcome back, Meg and Todd!

June 16: “A Belief in Worthiness” — Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

img Kraba

Reaching out to others for love begins at birth, and no one knows where this journey will lead. Throughout life we long for people who we can speak to without our words catching in our throats and to find a circle of arms open to receive us, because we have a belief in our own worth.


“Rhythms and Harmonies of The Foreign Arm and
Ethnic Cuisine of Shannon René, Traveling Gourmet”
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June 23: “If Diversity Is Such a Good Thing, Why Is It So Hard to Attain & Sustain?”
— Bruce Carpenter

In his first appearance in our pulpit, our own Bruce Carpenter takes a very close look at our First UU Principle – a belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person – dissects it with questions, applies it to each of us individually, and gives us many things to mull over during the coming weeks.

June 30:  “Jonah and Universalism” — Steven Botts

UUNB member and educator Steven Botts explains, “We’ve all heard the story of Jonah being swallowed by a ‘great fish’ and being coughed up later. As a Southern Baptist child, it was told to me as an illustration of how that if God tells you to do something, you had better do it the first time you’re asked. However, there’s a lot more to the story than that, and it goes a lot deeper. In my talk, I’ll be discussing how the Jonah story addresses issues of today and how it relates to UU beliefs.”

July 7: Ralph Waldo Emerson on Self-Reliance Jose Antonio Contreras

Emerson Contreras Throughout his life, Ralph Waldo Emerson kept detailed journals of his thoughts and actions, and he returned to them as a source for many of his essays. “Self-Reliance” is his philosophy of individualism and is said to be the finest example of his prose in the form of a definitive statement. This morning, Jose Antonio Contreras presents Ralph Waldo Emerson in his own words.