Sunday Services


All Sunday services begin at 10:30 AM. 
Coffee Hour follows the service. 

April 21: Rebirth and RE-Living — Jessica Blasingame-Acox

Recycle Reuse

In a shared-theme service for Easter and Earth Day, we'll explore Easter for UUs and ask how we can renew our commitment to spiritual living and how we might make that spiritual living also an act of caring for the world around us. We'll touch on resurrection and rebirth and won't neglect RE-living (reduce, reuse, recycle, with refuse and rot thrown in). Yesenia McNett, the UUNB Singers, and Sarah Laird will also share their talents and are sure to inspire us! An eco-egg hunt for the kiddoes follows the service.

April 28: The Divine Feminine in Judaism — Joe Leonard

Star of David

On Sabbath Eve every week, Jews around the globe explicitly welcome the Divine Feminine into their soul in accordance with mystical traditions that surprisingly echo ancient Near Eastern paganism. Who is this Divine Feminine? She goes by many names -- the Presence, the Glory, Lady Wisdom, the Matron, the Dominion, the Collective Soul, the Tree of Life, and the Bride -- and through her Jews celebrate a sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine parts of the world above and the world below. 

May 5: A Visit by William Ellery Channing


On the 100th anniversary of the delivery of his Baltimore Sermon on Unitarian Christianity, we welcome William Ellery Channing to our pulpit to reprise part of his now-famous talk. UUNB’s own Robert Keyser brings Rev. Channing to life.

May 12:  Living Our Values, Expanding Our Consciousness — Rev. Addae Kraba


There is often an underestimation of the power or sphere of our value, but Unitarian Universalism's first principle calls us to recognize the inherent dignity and worth in all. If we recognize and acknowledge this in each encounter, we become an example to others